Making Money Online Working at Home – Article One – Introduction

Author: Coral Atlas

Many people think they are NOT computer savvy enough to make a living on their computer. Yet one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make money is online working at home.

If you use a web browser or email that is enough to get you started.

What gives me the confidence to say it's easy? Here's my answer. It simply takes time and hard work – it's not a get rich quick scheme – but it is a "clear path" based on following simple guidelines for success. The investment is mostly sweat equity.

T he good news is that although it always helps you don't need a college degree or special training. Certainly education is important – but intelligence and education are not dependent on one another – which is fortunate for those of us who did not attend or complete college.

Most meaningful domain names were registered many years ago and are difficult to find unregistered today These names have the potential to become websites that attract many visitors. Good domain names are one to three words and consist of popular search engine keywords which are bid for by advertisers seeking to optimize their standing in search engine results. Happy would be a good example.

It is disappointing to register a name and then expect that people will flock to visit the website that you build using that name. Very few people will visit websites that have no key word meaning to them – therefore the name owner must spend a lot of money on advertising to send people to their website. Go Daddy dot com has no intrinsic meaning yet million dollar super bowl commercials have created brand value. Most of us can't afford that approach to marketing our domain name.

The formula for online success requires that you start with a name that has intrinsic keyword meaning that consists of one to three words that have advertising value. As content is added the website search engines will catalog key words and site traffic will increase and the ability to earn money from pay-per-click advertising increases.

For example Aquarium Hoods dot com is a long and pretty unspectacular name to the average person. However advertisers who manufacture and sell aquarium hoods are paying as much as $ 1.55 per click on the ads they place on Aquarium Hoods , which is what the key word pair "aquarium" and "hoods" now costs. There are a number of aquarium related site owners with traffic making money on the key words "Aquarium Hoods" – yet there is only one Aquarium Hoods dot com. This name now has an appraised value of $ 7,800 without any development to date BUT with relevant content added, traffic to this domain will increase and pay-per-click revenues and the appraised value will increase as well.

Advertisers pay the publisher (the site owner) each time someone clicks on their ad placed on the publisher's website. Google Adsense is the most well-known "master" publisher through whom the money flows – and anyone with a website can register with google to place "Adsense" ads on their site and make a few pennies. If you already have a website that is getting 1,000 or more visitors a day – you can make much more than a few pennies.

The cost to an advertiser is CPC or cost per click – and the other side of the coin is the domain owner – for whom the $ 1.55 is EPC or earnings per click. Simple right? Right!

As commerce continues to grow on the internet opportunities to earn a living on the internet grow as well; often from the comfort of your home office. The need for multiple sources of income is increasing. Families are increasingly working several jobs – most are temporary, freelance and part-time. When both parents can work from home some of the time and have children the internet can help to hold the modern day working family together.

There are some small roadblocks to being successful. First you need a domain name that consists of meaningful keywords. Our next article tells you how to find and where to look for meaningful domain names.

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